Increase Website Traffic

How Do I Increase Website Traffic?

First of all, let me state right up front that the purpose of this site is to show you various ways to increase website traffic. This will include the use of some tools and best practices according to the most up to date information on what works now to increase traffic to your web site. From on-page and off-page SEO, to pay per click advertising, forum posts, solo ads, ranking on Google and Bing, leveraging social media, and running contests, to name just a few.

My philosophy is this: If I provide you with good, honest information and don't ever try to sell you CR*P, you will appreciate that and come back again and again for my reviews, tips and recommendations!

Therefore it is my promise to you that I will never promote something just to make money. I will only promote or recommend something if it is a tool I have reason to believe will help you based on my examining it carefully and determining that it is indeed a good method, technique and/or software.

And like a Traffic Doctor my creed is:

Yes some tools and methods will actually cause your site to plunge in the search engine rankings. I will do my very best to find out about these so called tools and warn you about them!

We call this site TrafficJammer because the web has literally billions of people going here and there every hour of every day!  But what you want is traffic to your web site! So you don't want just traffic, you want a traffic jam!  You want people heading to your website, to read and watch your content and to buy your products! You want to increase website traffic all around your site, on every page, all day and all night!

A traffic jam is a good thing on the world wide web!

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